A skunkworks for 21st century changemakers.

Technological advances, shifting marketplaces, and emerging trends are provoking nonprofits to adapt into a new environment. The bad news? Many don’t know where to start.

The good news? We’re in a time where we can design and incite change much better than ever before. The opportunities are there, but making sense of them is the hard part.

How can nonprofits achieve more? How can they respond better to their internal crises? How can they make better sense of the environment, exercise both left-brain and right brain, and structure their processes to come up with better, or even great ideas to pursue?

The key is in how you collaborate together.

I work with nonprofits by opening up time-warps that launch them back into the present. Some call it capacity building on many fronts, but I spell it out and help you apply it.

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