Quipol: Say Hello to Social Polling

by Bryann Alexandros. Average Reading Time: about 2 minutes.

In reference to a previous blog post, try voting on this poll.

Say hello to Quipol, people.


What is Quipol?

From the main site:

Quipol is social polling. It’s a simple and elegant way to unlock the opinions and perspectives of your online audience. Quipol makes it easy to create social polls (called Quipols), share them with your audience, and monitor the results.

Acquaint yourself with the rest of Quipol in under 30 seconds.

Why Quipol is Brilliant

First, it’s beautifully designed. There’s something very data-vizy and infographicky about it. Everything from the poll, down to the presentation of the results and comments. It outshines standard polls and plain radio buttons.

The second thing is the idea of a social poll itself. A yes-or-no question might seem limited, but Quipol has a smarter way of pulling it off. By tying in Facebook and Twitter, voters can instantly clarify their reasons. If people feel strongly about something, they’ll go out and say it on social media, right? It costs almost nothing except a bit of time.

An authentic follow-up isn’t guaranteed, but it’s definitely a unique way of capturing better response rates especially if your question is timely and relevant.

See my Quipol page. Or see some other featured ones here.

Creating Your First Quipol

Edit fields to create your Quipol, and watch it populate on the right side.

Once you create the Quipol, you can grab the embed code to place it on your own site. You can also use the shortlink to pass your Quipol around.

Monitoring Results and Comments

This poll is just DYING for your votes! :(

Here’s the dashboard for monitoring results and comments for each Quipol. Nothing here yet since I just created it.

Wrapping Up

Quipol is a better way to poll your audiences. Good for research and feedback, and I’m already bubbling with ideas on how nonprofits and social entrepreneurs could use this for a variety of clever ideas.

No negative feedback on my end. One additional feature I’d love to see is a seamless way to embed Flickr photos that are appropriately licensed under Creative Commons. Using a photo does add to the effect and elegance of Quipol!

How to Get It

Sign up. It’s free.

What Say You?

Will you use Quipol to engage your audiences?