December Link Drop 2011

by Bryann Alexandros. Average Reading Time: about 2 minutes.

Flickr: Josh Liba

Link Drops are monthly dossiers of links related to nonprofit operational trends around the web.

It’s OK to indulge. Again.

Ah yes, more parfaits. You can’t skip desert, so here’s more important stuff floating around the web.

December’s theme focuses on two fantastic startups: DigMyData and Quipol. I’ve blogged about their web apps because they do solve some fundamental problems which easily translate over to the nonprofit side too. Don’t miss it!

Without further ado:

Preventing Social Change Burnout

Nell Edgington gives 6 tips on helping social change leaders overcome burnout.

Heard of Actionable Analytics?

“Can you tie your social media efforts into real tangible outcomes?” DigMyData is a new web application designed to turn social media data and transactional data into actionable insight. It’s free for nonprofits. Read more about it here and find out how it’ll help you.

Say Hello Quipol and Social Polling

Quipol is a new web application that reinvents the voting poll by tying in social media into the process. It’s free to sign up. Read more about it here and start creating your own Quipols.

The Chartwell Font

For the DIYers trying to tell your stories through data and numbers, spruce up your charts with the Chartwell font:

Chartwell is a tool for easily creating graphs in both web and print environments. In the format of a font, it utilizes OpenType to interpret and visualize the data. The data also remains editable, allowing for painless updates.

Speaking of storytelling and data, be sure to review these two NTEN articles on storytelling and data:

Making Stories Work for Your Org: What the Data Says

Data and Storytelling: 6 Ways to Use Data to Move Your Mission

Are you a fan of 37Signal’s Basecamp?

The 37Signal’s team will launch something new and BIG called Basecamp Next in early 2012. Basecamp is a top-tier project management app among nonprofits and has been covered before by NTEN and Idealware. Read the blog post at the 37Signals blog and try to capture an invite.

MetaLayer: “The Photoshop of Data”

From the site:

metaLayer makes hidden facts visible in large datasets. We take the pain out of dealing with big data by helping organizations easily make sense of real-time or historic information. Get It

Watch the video and understand metaLayer in under one minute.

The Best Web Analytics Tools for Nonprofits

SocialBrite has a round-up of web analytics packages that nonprofits can use. It’s not just Google Analytics, ya know.

Twitter is Changing

This includes a redesign, Brand Pages, and Embeddable Tweets. Read more from the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

7 Ways I could Hack Into Your WordPress Site

Self-explanatory. Make sure you’re covered if you’re running on WordPress.

Happy Holidays! Have a safe December! Connect via Twitter